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Student Account Setup

To submit your paper on, you will need to create a unique “user profile”, consisting of a username (e-mail address) and password.

Please note: Information submitted to Turnitin is stored in the United States.

In order to protect your privacy, please follow these instructions:

  • Create an anonymous email address using one of the available free services.
  • Go to Select Create Account on the top right.
  • Under Create Account select Student.
  • Enter the Class ID and Enrolment Password given to you by your instructor.
  • Create an alias or pseudonym. Please remember to let your instructor know your alias.

Now you will be able to submit assignments for your course to the service.

Please ensure that there is no identifying information (this includes your name and student number!) included in the text of any assignment that your submit to Turnitin.

You can submit a paper in two ways:

  • by file upload (used to submit a paper as a computer file; Turnitin currently accepts submissions in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, RTF, PDF, PostScript, plain text, and HTML formats)
    • Please remember to delete any identifying information from the original document prior to uploading it. This includes your name and student number in the document, as well as any metadata or hidden data that might be stored in the document itself. To remove the metadata from Microsoft Word:
      • In Microsoft Word (Windows), you can remove the hidden data by using Microsoft Word’s Document Inspector
      • In Microsoft Word (Mac), you can remove the hidden data by clicking on Word > Preferences > Security, then selecting Remove personal information from this file on save
  • by cut and paste (used to submit a paper by cutting and pasting the text into a text box)

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