Java Check & Requirements

Java Check

What is Java? - Many web environments, including WebCT Vista require Java to enable such functionality as chat, uploading/attaching files or using the HTML editor.

What Java version should I use?
Blackboard Inc. recommends using the latest version of Sun Java Virtual Machine, however some other web sites may require a different java version. Ensure you have a version that is compatible to be used with Blackboard Vista and other websites.

Supported Java Run-Time Versions

Some clients have experienced difficulties with the latest version of the Java Run-Time Environment (1.6). It is recommended that an older iteration of 1.6 be used if problems occur. Blackboard supports the following versions of the Java Run-Time Environment to run in concert with CE and WebCTVista version 8.

  • Sun 1.4.2 (1.4.2_06 minimum)
  • Sun 1.4.3
  • Sun 1.5.x (excluding 1.5.0_02)
  • Sun 1.6.x
  • IBM 1.4.x
  • Apple 1.3.x
  • Apple 1.4.x

How do I check what version of Java I have installed on my computer?

Manually check Your Java version

Windows Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Java > In Java Control Panel, click General Tab > About
Mac Go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal > In the terminal window type: java -version

Common Java problems that may affect WebCT Vista

For more information regarding Java related issues, please go to the Java Help Center


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