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Connect, the UBC Wiki and UBC Blogs feature tools, which allow instructors and students to document and track copyright permissions.  For more information and resources about copyright at UBC, please visit

Below are resources on how to document and track copyright permissions when using UBC learning technologies:


UBC Wiki

Please see Help:Uploading Files.

UBC Blogs

For the technologies mentioned above, a simple form will pop-up and prompt you to identify the copyright permission when uploading a file.  The forms are tailored to the system and help to differentiate the appropriate uses of the system (e.g. the UBC Wiki will support only openly licensed and sharable materials whereas Connect will support all materials that comply with UBC’s Copyright Guidelines and Fair Dealing Requirements).

Use of UBC learning technologies must comply with Canadian copyright laws. Uploading and posting content from copyrighted works requires authorization under the Copyright Act (for example, fair dealing or other exceptions) or authorization from the copyright holder (for example, a UBC licence that permits such use, or express permission from the copyright holder). Any copyrighted resources provided within a learning management system may only be printed (single copy only) or accessed for your own research, private study, criticism, review or news reporting, and may not be further copied or distributed, except in accordance with the Fair Dealing Requirements for UBC Faculty and Staff, and the Copyright Guidelines for UBC Faculty, Staff and Students.

For more information about copyright at UBC, please visit  Additional info about copyright in the digital classroom can be found at

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